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We Care About Your Future and the Environment Around Us!!

EBL was established in 2022 although the company is new over the last year. EBL has grown through partnerships/Joint ventures, which is visible in its relationship in the number of joint ventures that have been formed with some of the world’s premier enterprises, experts in their fields of work. These JV’s together, form the foundations and propellor of EBL in becoming one of the world’s first sustainable community-oriented companies.

EBL’s portfolio extends to the following high tec areas of these industries,

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Renewable – Green Energy
  • Biofuel – Plantations
  • Biofuel /Community Hubs
  • Biofuel Products
  • Biofuel Stations
  • Bio Mass
  • Waste Management
  • Used/New Cooking Oils Collection/Deliveries

Our Group of Companies

These Companies are part of the EBL Group

Simplifying your life and working towards a sustainable future together!


Elysium Aerospace is the aerospace that is part of the EBL group. They manufacture, design, and sell both commercial and private aircraft.


Elysium Motor Company is investing in the automotive industry with a new automotive manufacturing plant in South Africa and the USA in the next coming Months. We also manufacture our own Motor oils for both the commercial and private sectors under our partner Company Alco in the UAE. These motor oils are known globally for both quality and affordability in the industry.


Elysium Marine Group is our company for the marine industries. We design and build both commercial and private vessels at our facilities located in Turkey, USA, and Europe. We also manufacture marine biofuels for vessels and offer shipping services worldwide.

Enough Talk, Let’s build the world’s first sustainable community-based company.