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Our Group of Companies

These Companies are part of the EBL Group

Harnessing Solar Energy for You

Creating a sustainable world using innovative technology to develop clean solar farms Globally.

Elysium Black Level Aerospace

All Things Propulsion

Elysium Aerospace is a provider of motors, components, and integrated systems for both commercial and private aircrafts, manufacturers, urban air mobility and military drones.

Maverick Synfuels

Maverick Synfuels develops and commercialises advanced thermos-chemical technology that converts low-value and renewable feedstocks into high-value fuels and chemicals. Our process is feedstock flexible and can convert methane (natural gas, landfill gas, anaerobic digester gas), as well as biomass, municipal solid waste (MS) and industrial waste into transportable intermediates. These intermediates serve as building blocks for multiple products that readily integrate into the existing market infrastructure, such as jet fuel, diesel, and propylene.

Springboard Biodiesel makes appliances that allow anyone to convert waste oils and fats into a clean burning fuel called Biodiesel for the lowest possible cost.

On average, our customers enjoy making fuel for US $1.25 per gallon (approx. US $0.34 per litre). The equipment is easy to operate (it’s automated), safe, and reliably makes the highest quality biodiesel from a broad spectrum of oils.

Iren Dornier Aviation

Mr. Dornier is the grandson of the German Aviation Pioneer Dr. Claude Dornier. A consummate entrepreneur, engaged in business-development, aircraft engineering, fashion and watch development. Aside of his aircraft engineering business developments activities he is a US flight instructor, Airline Transport Pilot and Aviation Consultant.

Progress Flight Academy

Flight training in United States is a great experience. Progress Academy offers professional, exceptional, flight instructors and well-maintained and equipped aircraft. Call today to discuss your aviation future.

Gulf Environment & Waste FZE

The Gulf Environment & Waste FZE is the first MARPOL (IMO) approved waste receiving & recycling facility in the UAE. We provide our commercial, industrial and local authorities & customers with sustainable recycling and waste services to minimize their impact on the environment, turn Waste to Energy.We have more than 25 years of experience in the industrial and marine waste management, and based in the one of strategic points inside of the Jebel Ali Free Zone, we provide expert services that removes responsibility from waste generating companies by 100% recycling.

EBL Oils

Calling all catering industry heroes! Say goodbye to waste oil headaches and say hello to the game-changing services of EBL Oils. We’re not just your average company – we’re passionate about providing top-notch waste oil collection & cooking oil solutions that will leave you feeling like a culinary superstar.

Imagine having fresh cooking oils delivered right to your doorstep, saving you time and ensuring your kitchen is always stocked with high-quality ingredients. Plus, we go the extra mile by collecting your used cooking oils for recycling into biofuels, giving you an environmentally friendly edge.

We inspire all ages with our real-world experience in aviation and aerospace. Providing hands-on experiences with real science, technology, engineering and maths solutions.

Southeast Asian Airlines

Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAIR) International is an all-cargo airline based in Clark International Airport, Philippines. SEAIR operates regular flights between Clark and Cebu. SEAIR also offers charter services for high-value, time-critical cargo, and other freight to major airports in the Philippines.

Eagle’s aviation club is dedicated to providing a friendly and career opportunities. inviting platform for students & aviation enthusiasts who are interested in recruiting and retaining faculty with industry credentials interested in aviation related courses such as piloting and active research agendas.

Takeoff Trim

Pioneers in airline distance learning since 1994.
We deliver practical and trusted technologies that are supported by global training industries.
Our experience in the airline industry is unmatched…


Mooney has a dedicated team of engineers, industrial designers, and professionals who research, design, build, and test innovative aircraft with a simple goal. Mooney Has manufactured and delivered more than 11,000 aircraft worldwide. Fleet has amassed more than 40 million hours of flight.

EBL Travels

If you want the best and Cheap Umrah Packages from USA, EBL Travels should be the first place you think of. EBL Travels has a lot of experience with great travel options at low prices. We are very good at making things that meet people’s specific needs.

Plan your holy trip with us and get the best prices. This makes us one of the most well-known travel companies in the United States of America.

Jones Brothers

Jones Brothers Air & Seaplane Adventures has been a staple in the seaplane community since our establishment in 2010. Based in America’s Seaplane City, we uphold our reputation for providing top-quality seaplane tours, charters, and training to pilots and visitors from all over Central Florida.

Rhino Tire USA

Rhino is a leading manufacturer of various types of tires (PCR tire, TBR tire, OTR tire, car tire, truck tire and so on), founded in 2005. With over 10 years of combined experience in the tire industry, Rhino has grown to be a famous brand in the world with tires distributors in Asia, South America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the U.S.

Cloud Dancer Aviation

We have a proud history of high quality education that we provide to our students which is one of the reasons why, even in these hard times all over the world, our graduates are still being hired. We found a long time ago that a pilot’s license in your pocket will only guarantee you an interview, not a job. It is the quality of your education that will get you the career that you are looking for.

G Aircraft Rental

We block out and lease you the aircraft for 30 consecutive days.

Start any day of the month
No scheduling conflicts
No waiting for time slot to open
No waiting on an airplane from a previous flights late return
Fly at your own leisure
24 hour hotline for questions during your use

ARC Solar Yachts

A.R.C Yachts & Composites has been working in the epoxy composite industry building yachts and industrial parts since 1991.
For years, it was our dream to build a boat which was not only easy to handle and environmental friendly, but would also run on fuel provided by Mother Nature, herself.
What was then a dream is now a reality.