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We currently provide the following high quality fully sustainable products:

  • Aircraft Design & Manufacturers in Rotor and fixed wing aircraft
  • Aerospace Company – Green Propulsion Technology
  • Elysium Airline – AOC – Commercial and private charters
  • Flight Schools – Rotor & Fixed Wing – Worldwide Locations
  • Air Cargo
  • Fixed Base Operators(FBOs)
  • SeaPlane & FloatPlane (Training -Manufacturers)
  • Gyrocopters (Training- Manufacturers)
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • Aerial Firefighting
  • SAF (Synthetic Aviation Fuel) Producer and Seller of sustainable aviation fuels globally
  • Young Eagles Club (Aviation Club for youngsters aged between 5 to 17 years old) where they get to build their very own airplane from our own airplane kit. The Whisper X350 G2
  • Drones, Military, Civilian, Search & Rescue, Patrol and Surveillance
  • MRO’s (Maintenance, Repair and Operations)

Soaring towards a greener tomorrow!  Elysium Aviation is on a mission to revolutionize sustainable aviation. We’ve assembled a dream team of brilliant engineers and designers who are pushing boundaries and creating groundbreaking solutions. From cutting-edge aircraft designs to eco-friendly propulsion systems, we’re bridging the gap between innovation and sustainability. Join us as we redefine the future of flight and pave the way for cleaner skies above.